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Faqs & Rules

Q. When is Kim's Krypt open, how much does it cost, and how do I get there?

A. See Dates, Times, and Tickets or Directions for this information.

Q. Is it scary?

A. Sometimes adults leave crying and sometimes children leave laughing. Regardless, you WILL be entertained. Sometimes they pee, sometimes they puke. Last year a lady pooped her pants, no lie!

Q. What is the best time to arrive?

A. The earlier the better, tickets do sell out. Fridays, Saturdays are busiest.

Q. Where do you park and how much is Parking?

A. FREE PARKING !!!! Huge, well-lit parking lot with security!

Q. Are there Discount Coupons Available?

A. Check the local newspapers such as The Avenue, East County Times, and Dundalk Eagle.

Q. Is Kim' Krypt Handicapped Friendly? What about Handicapped parking?

A. Kim's Krypt is as ADA compatible as the existing structure will allow. If necessary, the route through the haunted house can be detoured in spots to accommodate anyone with a disability. Kim's Krypt does not tolerate any type of discrimination and strives to scare/accommodate everyone.

Q. Is Kim' Krypt open if it RAINS?

A. Rains add to the atmosphere! No worries, we have a covered waiting area.

Q. Is there security?
A. Yes, Kim's Krypt patrolled by uniformed & plain clothed Security Officers and Police Officers. Kim' Krypt has a Zero Tolerance policy for Trouble Makers. Trouble Makers will be ejected without refund. We want everyone to have a safe and fun time!

Q. Food? Is there someplace in Kim' Krypt to buy food?

A. Snacks and drinks are available at the concession stand.

Q. Are there things I am NOT ALLOWED to bring to or wear in Kim' Krypt?

A. No lighters, lighted tobacco products, or open flames of any kind are allowed in the Krypt or in the line. No weapons or illegal substances of any kind are allowed on the premises or in the parking area. No open food or drink is allowed inside.


Q. Does Kim' Krypt serve or allow ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES?

A. NO! There are No Alcoholic Beverages Allowed nor do we serve any!

Q. Does the "show" start at a certain time?

A. See Dates, Times, and Tickets or Directions for this information, however, the time we open can be delayed up to 30 minutes if problems are encountered. We want everyone to get the best show possible.

Q. Will the monsters touch me?

A. The monsters do not intend to touch you in a harmful manner. Sometimes you may be bumped into, but that just adds to the scares!

Q. Can I bring my kids?

A. Yes! You as the parent make the judgment call as you know your child best.

Q. Is there a discount for children?

A. See Dates, Times, and Tickets or Directions for this information. No refunds will be given for any reason.

Q. How long will it take to go through Kim' Krypt?

A. The average tour is 25-30 minutes long, depending upon your group.

Q. Is it the same as last year?

A. No. Kim' Krypt changes aspects of our shows every year so that we can provide a uniquely entertaining experience. We do keep most of our more popular elements due to public demand, but even these are tweaked each season to provide a more stimulating encounter.

Q. Is it as good as last year?

A. The Kim's Krypt experience is much better each year and includes new scenes and frequently updated scares.

Q. How much of Kim's Krypt is inside as opposed to outside?

A. Kim's Krypt is 100% indoors. The line is outside and there is usually a wait, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. The line is covered by an awning that protects patrons from rain, but you may want to dress according to the climate.

Q. Is Kim's Krypt nothing more than monsters jumping out?

A. It is MUCH MUCH more!! As it has been stated by patrons in the past, "Kim's Krypt is not just a Haunted House, it is an ADVENTURE!"

Q. How can I get more information?

A. Call 410-391-7726 or email kimskrypt@aol.com

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