About Kim’s Krypt Haunted Mill

You enter the legendary 268 year old gristmill known by all as theHAUNTED MILL. The second floor is reopened to expose you to allNEW terrors and mind warping madness that have laid dormant for ten years! KIM’S KRAZY MAZE has been transformed into freak show of characters and turns that will not let you out! The new attraction this year is the HORROR OF MENGES MILL When night falls the curse of the Menges Family comes alive with the dead souls! We dare you to walk the trail through the woods, across the creeks of Menges Mill in the TERROR TRAIL. Creatures are lurking, and if you make it across the bridge to the junk yard your experience is just beginning. Our 162 year old barn, THE HOUSE OF EYES is overflowing with wild and undesirable creatures that want you to stay!

We are centrally located in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania. Plan your Halloween experience of fear and entertainment at the Kim’s Krypt Haunted Mill!