Covid-19 Update 

Kim’s Krypt Haunted Mill

5932 Colonial Valley Road, Spring Grove, PA 17362.

Phone #: 717-225-4811

Due to the current environment, Kim’s Krypt has had to make some strategic changes this year for the Safety of You and all of us at Kim’s Krypt Haunted Mill. We are all being challenged, so please just help us do what we need to ask of you so we all can have a great, fun and safe experience!  Please review our common asked questions!

We are a popular attraction and people visit from all over during the Halloween Season.  We are centrally located to some great historical (Gettysburg) and other fun events in the area.  Saturday nights are the most popular nights for attendance with crowds, which we are doing our best to control and distance.  You may want to consider visiting our event on Friday or Sunday evenings as an option as well.

Kim’s Krypt Haunted Mill is an indoor/outdoor farm environment.  Our 64.5 acre property sits between two creeks.  As the sun sets in the early fall evenings the temperature gets cool and crisp!  Dress accordingly with closed toe shoes.

We have several food vendors to satisfy your need for snacks.  Everything from hot dogs with the fixings, burgers, fries, cheese steaks, wraps, tacos, rice bowls, sausage and peppers, hot and cold drinks just to mention a few! Kim’s Snack Shack! Grab and go offerings!

Be sure to stop in and check out Kim’s Gift Shop, located right next to the Ticket Booth!  So many fun and unique memento items.

Kim’s Krypt Haunted Mill accepts cash or credit cards ($3 convenience fee) at the Ticket Booth, Gift Shop and Snack Shack. We also have ATM’s on property.

 There are many affordable hotels that are located close to Kim’s Krypt Haunted Mill.  Stay the night at one of our area hotels to ensure a safe trip home the next day.


What has Kim's Krypt done to help make this a safe environment?

You will notice strategically placed touch-less hand sanitizing stations throughout the property. They are at the entrance and exits for each of our attractions. By the ticket booth, porta-potty areas. We also have hand wash sinks at the food vendors areas.  Security and cleaners will be throughout the property handling “high touch areas”. We invested in a Disinfection Fogger equipment to nightly disinfect our attractions and all enclosed areas. Signage to help you social distance while on property.  

Do I have to wear a Face Mask?

The short answer is “Yes”. Please bring your own mask.  They are available for purchase of $1.  We understand that opinions regarding this issue can be debatable.  We are following the medical guidelines that have been laid out to us by the CDC in order for us to operate and have our staff and customer’s be safe.  If you don’t feel you can do that PLEASE just stay home! We don’t want conflict.  If conflict does arise you will be escorted off the property by security. (NO refunds issued)


How do I get tickets?

Due to the current environment we are selling advance tickets online in a selected time attendance. The time slot you select is simple the time window you should plan on arriving and present those tickets at our Ticket Booth. This is required to control our attendance restrictions mandated by the CDC.  These are available through our website. We redeem your online tickets off your phone. WIFI can be a issue, so have a screen shot on your phone or a printed copy of your tickets to present at the Ticket Booth. Please adhere to your arrival time frame window selected when you purchased to help us manage attendance.  We also have ATM’s on property and accept credit cards ($3 CC Fee on Total is charged) at the ticket booth and gift shop. 

What age is your attraction geared towards?

You are the best judge of what your children can tolerate in regards to frights and horror. Our attractions are scary and we will do our best to accommodate the scary Kats!  Please NOTE we do not refund tickets because they got scared! After all that is what we do! 

How long should I plan to be at Kim's Krypt Haunted Mill?

If planning to do all of our attractions plan on being here for at least 2-21/2 hours. Depending on lines our newly renovated and expanded (4th floor open now!) Haunted Mill takes approximately 50 minutes to walk through.  The Terror Trail is 45 minutes of scares across the creeks of Menges Mill.  Our House of Eyes is a historic old barn and takes approximately 20 minutes to walk through.  Kim’s Krypt has never and will not “cattle run” people through our attractions in order to give your groups an experience. We are adhering to the social distancing  guidelines and will be keeping our queue lines and entrance to attractions segmented for social distancing.  


How should we be dressed?

You are coming to an outdoor farm environment.  Dress in comfortable weather accommodating clothing. Close toe shoes. No flip flops, sandals or open toe shoes. Our property sits between two creeks so when the sun goes down it gets very cool quickly as the season moves into Fall!

Do you have food available?

We have a number of Food Vendors providing a variety of snack food! Hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks, chips, etc. New this year is Kim’s Snack Shack with an offering of Grab and Go items to munch on!  Cash or Credit card accepted as payment. (cc purchases have a $3 convenience fee attached)

Do your actors grab and hurt us?

Our actors will NOT be touching you.  They will be maintaining their distance to stay within the guidelines we have been challenged with from the CDC.   Our mission is not to hurt or harm you in any way.  We love what we do and want you to have a great experience. 

Are there restroom facilities available?

We have portable toilets strategically located throughout the property.

Can I smoke?

All of our buildings are NON SMOKING.  Smoking will be permitted in designated areas only.

I'm over 21, can I bring alcohol?

No alcoholic beverages will be allowed. The use or possession of illegal/controlled substances at our event is prohibited.   You will be escorted off the property. (NO REFUND).

Are you open if it's raining?

We are open rain or shine for our scheduled dates.  Depending of the severity of storms or rain we may have to temporarily close our Terror Trail for safety reasons.  

I have a permit to carry a weapon, can I bring it?

NO! Weapons of any kind, real or otherwise are not allowed. We respect your right to bear arms, but NOT at our event!  Leave it home or locked in your car.

Do you charge for parking?

We have several parking lots available for your visit. We do not charge extra for the service.

Can I bring bags, backpacks, etc?

No bags are allowed. Leave your personal items in your car.  We are not responsible for lost or broken items.  Should you loose something, stop by the Ticket Booth and leave your name and number and after closing we will have our Managers search.  No weapons of any kind are allowed! Pocket knives, guns, tasers, etc. By attending our event you are agreeing to a search and questioning if we suspect an issue. 

Can we dress in costume to go through your event?

Unfortunately for the safety and convenience of our staff, Patrons can not wear Halloween masks/costumes.  Your Covid face mask will be required on property.