Acres of woods await, as you journey through the outdoor moonlit unhallowed grounds. Encountering unsettling vagrants in abandoned buildings, morgue, junkyard and playground. You may still hear the cries of the forgotten…


The Mad Doctor Menges created this indoor – outdoor dwelling of darkness as you troll through the bloody butcher shop, his wife’s cursed doll collection, their secret prison, trap rooms and UNPLEASANT SURPRISES.


Dare to navigate through the twists and turns of this madhouse as ghoulish freaks and krazed loonatics swing from the rafters. Your heart will race with fear as your WORST nightmares come true. They may just follow you home.


This sinister old barn truly possesses spirits among the cracks and cobwebs that WATCH every move you make. Viscious Axe murderess, caged monstrosities and fractured creatures above are yearning for life….YOURS!


Centuries old, its evil has grown massive and restless. Your life and your very soul may be at stake as you walk among the ashes of the DEAD in the stone basement.The cursed second floor is open once again for your screaming pleasure. There is something LURKING in the shadows!



 DARK DESPAIR!  Kim’s newest side attraction! It features total darkness, confusion and a sense of delirium. This black mass of eternal damnation will suck your soul and leave you disoriented, you MUST go through alone and hope you survive….


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